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Backbending Workshops

Heal Through Energy Movement

Discover in this captivating workshop how yoga can help you release chronic illness.


You will learn the art & technique of the backbend and how the energy of the spine and central nervous system can be used as a healing tool.


This workshop will involve both technical and hands on yoga that will leave you inspired to deepen and maintain your yoga practice. 


Perfect for new and ongoing students.

Special continuing education credit for teachers. 

Wellness, or well-being, is a natural flow that is expressed through a body of information (in-form-in-action) that serves as a vehicle for universal consciousness

Melissa M Joy


Contact me to book classes or if you are interested in getting declarative about the things in your life. If you wish to deepen your practice, have questions about trainings, want to change your diet, or need direction to make a shift in your life. I will email you programs as the become available.

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